Please find below our current studio charges.
You can choose to book the studio or pay for the entire project instead.

Video Productions:
Starts from 1,600GHC per music video

Our Studio Booking rates:
You can choose to book the studio for the whole day or for a certain number of hours.
-Daily booking (8 hours): 250ghc
-Hourly booking: 40ghc

Charges based on project:
-Single Demo track : 100ghc
-Mastered Mix Tape: 250ghc
-Single Master: 800ghc
-5 mastered tracks package:2,400ghc
-8 mastered tracks package: 3,600ghc

Live Recording
-Single Master: 1,300ghc. (We provide Instrumentalists)
-5 Mastered songs: 3,000ghc. (We provide Instrumentalists)
-Full Mastered Album: 4,500ghc. (We provide Instrumentalists)
Live Recording With Live Video
-Single Master: 1,800ghc (We provide Instrumentalists)
-4 Mastered songs: 3,500ghc. (We provide Instrumentalists)
-Full Mastered Album: 5,000ghc. (We provide Instrumentalists)
***All our video packages include publicity & promo.***
Yeretwen Wo (Medley)